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Characters from InuYasha's Group

Name: InuYasha
Age: Although he looks 15, he was born 200 years before the story but he has only been "alive" for 150 years (he was on the Tree of Ages for 50 years) so for every 10 human years he looks 1 year older in half-demon years.
Weapons: Tessaiga

InuYasha is a reckless han'yo, the result of a relationship between a powerful dog demon lord and a beautiful human princess. Orphaned at a young age, and despised by both Yokai and humans, InuYasha had a sad childhood. He is rejected by humans because of his yokai side and looked down upon by yokai as a "filthy half-breed" because his human blood supposedly taints his superior yokai blood. Thus, before InuYasha met Kikyo, he found it very difficult to trust anyone, and even more to find anyone who accepted him as a han'yo.

He met Kikyo and started to attack her to get Jewel of the Four Souls to become a full yokai. However, Kikyo, whom InuYasha developed feelings for, talked him into becoming human. Another han'yo, formerly a human known only as Onigumo, but now called Naraku, made them believe they betrayed each other. Because of Naraku's schemes, and their own lack of faith in each other, their relationship ended when InuYasha broke into Kikyo's village and stole the Jewel of the Four Souls. In defense of the village, and to keep him from escaping with the Jewel, Kikyo fired a Fuin no Ya at InuYasha, sealing him to the Goshinboku in an eternal enchanted sleep. Moments afterward, Kikyo collapses from a wound she received from Naraku -- though at first the viewer is lead to believe that InuYasha wounded her -- and dies within a few short moments. Part of her final instructions to her sister Kaede was to have the Jewel burned with her body so that it would travel to Hell with her.

50 years later, Inuyasha was released from the tree by Kagome Higurashi, the reincarnation of Kikyo from 500 years in the future, who unknowingly carried the Jewel of the Four Souls inside her body (this is due to Kikyo being burned with the Jewel, but also makes reference to Midoriko, the creator of the Jewel). When he was finished with Kumade Joro (Mistress Centipede), he tried to steal the Jewel but ends up with the Beads of Subjugation around his neck. When Kagome says "Sit" his head plunges to the ground. Kagome accidentally shattered the Jewel when shooting at Shibugarasu trying to flee with it, and the shards were scattered around Japan. InuYasha, Kagome, and their friends then began the search for the shards of the Jewel of the Four Souls.

He is introduced as an antagonist when, upon his revival, he attempts to kill Kagome in order to take the Shikon Jewel. He becomes more civil as time progresses, losing some of his more "demonic" qualities and becoming much more human. He maintains a crass, blunt, rude attitude towards everyone except Kagome and Kikyo, and to a lesser degree the rest of his companions (with the possible exception of Shippo). He is brutaly honest when it comes to dealing with emotional hardships (as long as they are not his), and always tries to take the most direct route possible in solving any problem, which usually involves blowing something up or shredding it.

InuYasha is offended when someone calls him a dog or suggests that he is inferior to yokai, due to his human parentage.

Physical Abilities

  • Strength: Inuyasha's yokai blood gives him superhuman strength. No upper limit has yet been shown in the canon, but, according to the Zusetsutaizen ¨­gikaiden official character data book, he is at least strong enough to easily lift a boulder with a diameter greater than the height of his body over his head with one hand, and then run many miles with it. Something like that is easily eight to ten tons on the weight scale.
  • Speed: While not as fast as Entei the yokai-horse that served as Hakudoshi's steed, Inuyasha's speed has been shown to easily exceed that of a normal horse; possibly as fast as, if not faster than, a cheetah. Due to the speed he can accumulate in his runs, added with his incredible strength, he is able to cross great distances with a single jump. Altogether, this creates the illusion that he is flying every time he leaps. The Ogikaiden says he can reach the top of tall cliffs with a single leap as well.
  • Defensive Ability: For the most part, his fire-rat robe provides most of the added protection to his body. In one of the first episodes, Inuyasha gave Kagome his robe to protect her from Yura's hair, Yura had her tied up and the hair was touching her skin not the robe. So There must be demonic aura around the wearer of the robe of the fire rat.However, Inuyasha's physique is capable of taking a lot of damage, more than the average human, or even most yokai. He has also been seen to be unaffected by severe blunt force trauma - he was hit on the head with a log hard enough for it to break in two leaving only a comical lump on the head. He appears weak against strong smells like ink from the episode "The Cursed Hell Painter" or Sango's Scent Beads from episode 164 because of his sensitive nose. Though, he has shown the ability to withstand direct contact with fire and tremendous heat, but parts of his body not covered by the robe appear equally invulnerable; he appears resistant to acid as when trapped by Naraku in the Ogre's Belly. He is susceptible to some yokai and holy weapons, but appears to be invulnerable to most human ones, able to catch normal arrows out of the air and break steel swords with his bare hands. Even when injured, his recovery rate (his healing factor) is much faster than that of a human. Similarly, attacks powerful enough to severely injure him are rarely fatal, as they would be to humans. He recovered quickly from numerous serious attacks, including a large fist-sized hole punched through his gut. Unfortunately for Inuyasha, his tongue is still open to being burned by curry.

Physical Techniques

  • Exorcising Claws of Steel (Viz's name: Iron Reaver Soul Stealer): Inuyasha's basic claw attack is powerful enough to tear apart iron, making it easy for him to rip his enemies in half.
  • Blades of Blood : Inuyasha's blood, when combined with the "Exorcising Claws of Steel", does damage when thrown. With this attack, he is able to attack his enemies from afar instead of in close combat. Inuyasha splashes his own blood on the end of his claws and flings them like multiple shurikens to cleave his foes in two. In the later fights with the yokai ninja, it appeared that he used the blood of his enemy to use the Blades of Blood. But this is unconfirmed.
  • Time Travel: This technique basically involves Inuyasha jumping down the ¡°Bone Eater¡¯s Well¡± and traveling back and forth 500 years from the future. How this is done has not been explained and is one of the series most talked about plotholes. There are many theories and the anime only gives clues and allows for inference. It is very possible that it involves spiritual power or simply will power or his connection with Kagome.



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